Muscle Stimulation & TENs

Muscle Stimulation & TENs

Rehabilitation, pain relief, recovery, muscle reinforcement...
Today, the benefits of electrotherapy are widely recognized by all medical practitioners.  With thousands of clinical trials, published papers and experience, electrotherapy is proven to be a useful adjunct in rehabilitation and fitness regimes.
The CefarCompex range of nMES and TENs products are at the cutting edge of electrotherapy backed by the latest research leading to innovative capabilities.  Mi – Muscle Intelligence™ technology, 100% compensated symmetrical biphasic stimulation, choice of self-adhesive electrodes with pin or clip cable attachment and many more.
There is a CefarCompex model that will meet your requirements to help you provide your patients with optimal treatments.
Mi – Muscle Intelligence™ technology automatically adjusts and tailors the stimulation parameters to each patient’s physical characteristics.  This automatic personalization makes the treatment more efficient and more comfortable for the patient.

Mi-Sensor technology: The sensor forms an interactive link between the muscle and the stimulator.  It gives you access to 4 functions:


  • Mi-Scan: This function uses the sensor to determine and tailor the optimal stimulation parameters to each patient and for each session.
  • Mi-Action: Combined active exercise allows the therapist to better incorporate electrotherapy into treatments.  Mi-Action allows patients to trigger the stimulation with their own active muscle contraction.
  • Mi-TENs: A continuous control of the stimulation energy in order to eliminate unwanted contractions during a pain relief program.
  • Mi-Range: Indicates the minimum and maximum energy level to the therapist.  This helps to enhance the optimal contractions in low-frequency programs (e.g. endorphin).

Neuromuscular Stimulation (nMES) involves stimulating a muscle to produce a reaction.
TENs are used to reduce pain.


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