Supine Hip Extension with SitFit

Image 1 - Supine Hip Extension with SitFit Image 2 - Supine Hip Extension with SitFit

Exercise Description:

Supine Hip Extension with SitFit


Lie face up on mat with arms crossed over chest, hands on opposite shoulders. Place right foot on SitFit. Raise hips off mat until shoulders, hips and knees are aligned. Lift left foot off floor, extending left leg and holding it in the air. Release and repeat other side. This is an advanced exercise.


Glutes, Core Stabilization, Hamstrings

Equipment Used

Model Number : 3033.11
SISSEL® SITFIT®, 33cm Ø, red
Red, 33cm, SITFIT® by SISSEL®…… sitting The way to work your back – without actively exercising an active, dynamic seating aid pre inflated to the optimum pressure valve permits pressure variation if required complete ...

Model Number : 3133.02
Cover for SISSEL® SITFIT®, 33cm Ø, blue
Sitfit cover, 33cm  Ø blue velour 80% cotton, 20% polyester zipped for ease of use. washable at 60°C. 5% discount when you order 5 Sitfit covers 10% discount when you order 10 or more Sitfit covers  

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