Chiropractic Tables & Essentials

All ErgoStyle™ Chiropractic tables are manufactured to the highest quality and offer functionality and practicality with innovative design.
Sissel UK offer the full range of ErgoStyle™ chiropractic tables. All are available with a range of features to suit all your practice needs and techniques.
They are manufactured to your own specifications in America.  A full list of options is shown against each ErgoStyle™ chiropractic table, select the table load it with your options, email or phone Sissel with your requirements and we will supply you with a full quote. 

ErgoStyle™ ES2000 (GENII) - height adjustable
ErgoStyle™ FX - flexion/distraction
ErgoStyle™ HYLO - horizontal to vertical

Standard features across the range:

  • headpiece tilts with adjustable width face cushions - ES2000, FX, HYLO
  • height adjustable - ES2000, FX
  • fixed chest section - ES2000, FX, HYLO
  • fixed pelvic section - ES2000, HYLO
  • lockable extending ankle support - ES2000, FX, HYLO
  • single foot pedal elevation control - ES2000, FX
  • manual flexion - FX
  • dual foot control on auto cocking version - ES2000
  • single foot control on auto cocking versions - FX, HYLO
  • single side control on breakaway chest section, when breakaway fitted - HYLO
  • single side control on elevating pelvic section, when elevating section fitted - HYLO
  • single foot pedal tilt/elevation - HYLO
  • black Valencia™ Spradling® vinyl with PermaBLOK3®

Special additional discount on fully loaded ES2000 (GEN II), FX and HYLO - see individual tables for details.

Spares are available on request.

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