Compression Therapy

Press 4 is a compression therapy system for home use.  Sequential compression works on the theory that if there are restrictions or blockages in the lymphatic system fluid and biological waste products build up leading to swelling and pain.  Gentle pressure to massage the fascia help to reduce this swelling and pain.  The massaging effect is produced by sequential compression.  The Press 4 is a four chamber compression system, the sleeves have four chambers which are inflated and deflated in sequence.

  • chamber 1 inflates, holds, chamber 2 inflates, holds, chamber 1 deflates
  • chamber 3 inflates, holds, chamber 2 deflates
  • chamber 4 inflates, holds, chamber 3 deflates
  • chamber 1 inflates, holds, chamber 4 deflates etc..

The compression therapy system comes complete with an easy to use control unit. Size adjustable, 4 chamber pressure sleeves for the legs and arms.  Home compression therapy is an ideal treatment for "heavy - tired" legs.
Research and clinical trials have shown an improvement in restless leg syndrome (RLS) after compression therapy.

Physiological benefits of compression therapy:-

  • increased blood flow - better whole body circulation
  • improved lymphatic system - better removal of toxins and biological waste products, eg. lactic acid
  • reduces Restless Leg Syndrome
  • decreases edema.
  • reduces water retention
  • relaxing, reduces "heavy - tired" legs
  • strengthens weak tissue by reducing interspacial fluids

Aesthetic attributes associated with compression therapy:-

  • improves leg shape definition
  • reduces "marbled" effect
  • improves skin texture




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