Foot, Ankle, Knee and Hip

This section deals with the lower limb and offers rehabilitation solutions for various problems, fitness equipment to improve strength, coordination, balance and proprioception and joint supports for an active lifestyle.  The first thing with any injury to a joint is to reduce the swelling and pain.  Sissel's cold compression therapy pads are tailor made to fit the ankle and knee, delivering cold and compression direct to the injured or over worked joint.  With the swelling and pain reduced a diagnosis of the injury can be carried out and a rehabilitation programme developed, helping to reduce the recovery time leading to a return to full activity.  Keep them in the fridge, pack them in your kitbag - stay cold for hours, cold and compression on the go.
K-Tape forme offers all the benefits of K-Tape in an easy to use pack.  Pre cut and shaped for specific joints with full instructions included in each pack.  Individual packs for ankle and knee joints for pain relief and joint support.

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