Resistance bands & tubes

Most people these days are aware of the allergy "problem" with latex based products.  To help counter this Sissel have produced latex resistance bands and tubes with a 80% reduction in the enzyme that produces the allergic reaction.  This reduction does not affect the stretch strength or resistance in the band or tube.  This reduction also reduces the odour associated with latex products.
For people with a latex allergy Sissel have latex free resistance bands - Fun & Active.  These bands are synthetic, latex and phthalate free.  They have a greater tear resistance than latex bands and as such are safer to use.  They can be washed to keep them clean and hygienic and because they are synthetic there is no latex odour.  Unlike latex bands, Fun & Active bands are not susceptible to denaturing by sunlight.
Sissel Tubes have soft silicon handles, these offer better grip and reduced contact with the latex tube.

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