Saddle Stool by Sissel

The man who designed the saddle stool suffered with chronic back pain and the only relief he got was when he went horse riding.   An Orthopaedic Consultant explained to him that the riding position gave a perfect balance to all the elements involved in the seemingly simple but anatomically complex process of sitting.

The declining position of the upper legs rotate the pelvis forwards and this curves the lower back in to an anatomically correct position of the lordosis.  This in turn straightens the upper back, leading to a generally improved back posture and reduced tension in the upper back, shoulder girdle and neck muscles.

The saddle seat comprises of a moulded polyurethane foam seat and upholstered in
an easy clean leather like surface.  The short, wide saddle seat had been designed to make it suitable for both sexes.  Height adjustable.

Ideal to be used every day in place of a standard chair.  Can be used by practitioners whilst treating patients.

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