K-Tape® Original, kinesiology tape

K-Tape® Original and K-Taping® for support and activation of multifunctional body performance.

  • Multi use
    • rehabilitation
    • support
    • sports performance improvement
  • Stretches 130% along length of tape
  • Can be applied stretched or un-stretched, depending on the application required
    • stretched - to pull joints together
    • un-stretched - over muscle

Accept No Substitutes

K-Tape® is an innovative product, recognized worldwide for its optimum quality and performance. The Kumbrink developed original K-Tape® combines the best natural, raw materials with the most advanced manufacturing process available.

High-End Quality

The Cotton

Only high-quality cotton from one supplier is used for K-Tape®. This quality guarantees a fabric structure with homogeneous thread density and virtually knot-free manufacture.

The Elastic Thread

If a thread loses its elasticity, the therapeutic effect is lost. This is why we use the best quality elastane thread for K-Tape®. This ensures consistent elasticity levels throughout the entire period of use.

The Dyes

You need to be certain that dyes and adhesive do not contain risks to the skin or health when applying a tape adhering to the skin for up to 7 days. We use high-quality dyes for K-Tape®, supplied by DyStar. The reason: DyStar products possess the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label and are safety approved for use in baby clothing. K-Tape® is suitable for a variety of applications and a wide range of users.

The Physiobond® Adhesive

Only K-Tape® is equipped with professional grade Physiobond® adhesive.

Physiobond® is a registered trademark in Europe and the USA and is used exclusively for K-Tape®. We recognize the quality of an adhesive depends not only on the choice of raw materials, but also in the manufacturing and finishing processes.

The objective during production is to create long polymer chains enabling the adhesive to anchor effectively onto the skin. This is followed by a complex temperature-time procedure to remove skin-irritating residual monomers. It is only then, that you can create a first-class tape that establishes a new standard.

The Cut

Quite simply, it is the cut that ultimately demonstrates the outstanding quality of K-Tape®.

A clean, straight cut not only looks professional, it also guarantees better adhesion and duration of wear. If the threads are torn by an unclean cut or if a skewed position causes the outer threads to be frequently cut, the tape unravels at a faster rate and loses its adhesiveness. We therefore take time in production, following a meticulous approach and using high-quality tools, to produce the best cut K-Tape® possible.

The Backing Paper

Typically, backing paper is only there to protect the adhesive coating. However, with K-Tape®, the backing paper has additional practical functions as well.

Paper Fibres

The correct orientation of paper fibres makes the backing paper more stable and K-Tape® pre-cuts deform significantly less than those with conventional backing paper.


It is necessary to pre-stretch the cotton fabric during production to ensure crease-free manufacturing. It’s an important production procedure we use for quality assurance.

K-Tape® is applied to the backing paper with 10% pre-stretch, automatically giving it the ideal amount of pre-stretch for muscle technique taping. By using the correct technique to apply the tape, it is possible to transfer the required amount of pre-stretch to the skin. This enables K-Tape® to always be pulled off the backing paper with the same amount of tension. Its handling always feels the same… every time you use it.

Benefits for Therapist and Physician

Patients receive a high-quality product, recognized worldwide for its performance quality. Skin irritation is nearly non-existent, which means no patient complaints. Its natural materials contain no harmful substances whatsoever.

K-Tape® may potentially adhere to the skin for one week. Many inexpensive tape substitutes adhere for just 2 to 3 days, meaning that they have to be changed frequently. Since patients usually have to pay for all treatments themselves, frequent renewal means higher costs for both patient and therapist.

Quality Control

You can only find out how good a product is and how well it performs, when you start using it.

Our manufacturing process ensures that our products always meet expectations for quality and performance. You can be certain that this also applies to the raw materials used which are stringently tested by SGS S.A. SGS S.A. is a multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. It has more than 95,000 employees and operates over 2,400 offices and laboratories worldwide.  The test results (RoHS) for K-Tape® indicated that there are no additional, unnecessary components in its fabrication.

Environment and Sustainability

Our environmental concerns for waste and conservation have been carefully managed through the continuing efforts of biviax®, which has received the environmental certificate from Germany’s Green Dot Dual System (Duales System Grüner Punkt) for K-Tape® and CROSSTAPE®. The prevention of production and packaging waste, and thus the conservation of resources and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, has continued to be a strategic objective at biviax®.

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