Pilates, Yoga and Fitness

Today, exercise is seen to be an essential part of the recovery process whether it's from a sports related injury, a fall or to help improve mental health issues.  Exercise can take many forms from Pilates and Yoga which are exercise regimes based on gentle, controlled movements with particular emphasis on body position and correct posture to full blown "boot camp" regimes.  Small exercise equipment gives variety to the exercise regimes helping to target specific problems, progress fitness and the recovery but they also help to maintain motivation.
Neurofascial techniques, rely on the use of balls and rollers to stretch the fascia and reduce adhesions.  These methods are used to reduce pain, increase mobility and because they use gentle but targetted techniques it is a method suitable for all age groups and abilities.

SISSEL® Pilates Roller Pro SISSEL® Pilates Roller Pro

SISSEL® Pilates Roller Pro, a high quality durable foam roller, ideal for professional led classes in a studio or gym.  The synthetic rubber in the Roller Pro maintains it's shape better than the hard extruded foam rollers.


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