Studio Reformer by Balanced Body®

For 40 years, the world’s most respected Pilates instructors have used and recommended the Balanced Body® Pilates Studio Reformer. Built of solid Rock Maple the studio reformer® sets the standard in comfort, craftsmanship and durability. The studio reformer is the smoothest and quietest reformer on the market.  With every edge sculpted and smooth, the Studio Reformer has ageless clean lines. 

Reformers built 20 years ago are still hard at work today and still looking ageless.

With a Balanced Body Studio Reformer there are multiple options allowing you to design your own reformer to suit your own needs.



  • 14" (36cm)
  • 18" (46cm)
  • 24" (61cm)

frame is sanded and finished by hand in

  • Strata Rock Maple
  • Strata Artisan Maple (limited lifetime warranty)

extra-wide 7" (17.75cm) boards

legs incorpriated into the fitted and joined frame create an exceptionally sturdy, stable machine

built-in standing platform is 27 x 4.5" (69 x 11cm)

  • with non-slip surface

a cut-out at the head of the Studio Reformer

  • adds an extra 3.5" (8.9cm) of carriage travel in machines that have risers

foot plate bracket

heavy-duty hardware throughout

aluminium parts are anodized

  • to reduce friction
  • prevent oxidation
  • eliminate "black dust."


precision carriage system

  • one-piece rail structure
    • increases frame stability
  • high carriage stability
  • smooth carriage ride

carriage tracking system creates an ultra-smooth, virtually silent ride

  • 8-wheel system
  • 4 custom-built vertical wheels to support the carriage
  • 4 adjustable sidewheels to guide the carriage smoothly down the track
  • 5 range-limiting carriage stops control the extension of the carriage

padded carriage, upholstered in heavy-duty vinyl

  • colour black, options are available

padded shoulder rests

  • sculpted for comfort
  • with posts that hold ropes off the floor
  • The Balanced Body TwistLock™ system
    • quickly adjust shoulder rests to 1" (2.5cm) wider spacing
    • quickly remove shoulder rests to convert to a mat system

3-position padded headrest for cervical support

carriages are

  • lightweight
  • strong
  • extremely responsive
  • stable surface
  • maximum travel 41” (104cm) when fitted with risers
    • ideal for jumping exercises


Straps and Handles

  • safety-rated climbing ropes
  • secured by nautical cam cleats
  • rope length adjustments are quick and easy
  • option
    • classic leather straps and casters


Balanced Body® Signature Springs™

  • durable nickel-plated springs
  • tapered ends
  • swivel hooks.
  • 5-spring format
    • 1 blue (light)
    • 3 red (medium)
    • 1 green (heavy)
    • up to 46 different resistance settings

Footbar & Springbar

Revo Adjustment System™

The revolutionary Revo Adjustment System™ gives you the greatest flexibility and enables you to create the ergonomically correct position for every user. The Revo combines 2 radically redesigned components: the locking Footbar and the 5-position Springbar. This system easily adapts your Reformer to fit the user's size, range of movement, and ability.

Revo Footbar®

  • locking footbar with 4 positions, including down
  • Ø 2.5" (6.3cm) inc. padding
  • padded non-slip cover

Revo Springbar™

  • carriage and springbar are integrated - moving the springbar moves the carriage and keeping the springs in neutral tension
  • five carriage stop positions provide 12" (30.5cm) of adjustability from carriage to footbar, creating the ergonomically correct position for every user
    • positions 1 or 2 for short to average height clients
    • positions 3 to 5 for taller clients or those with a limited range of motion

Classic footbar & No-roll springbar

Classic Footbar

  • classic footbar has 2 supports
  • adjusts to 3 heights (including down)
  • padded non-slip surface
  • Ø 2-1/2" (6.4cm) inc padding
  • 24" (61cm) wide
  • optional 2"/5cm diameter

No-Roll Springbar

  • easy to use
  • oval shape for a safe choice
  • won't roll downward
  • springs stay connected
  • the hooks remain upright
  • 2 Springbar positions
  • optional carriage extension and return stoppers
  • older Balanced Body Reformers can be retrofitted with the No-Roll Springbar

Infinity Footbar ®

multi adjustable to suit all heights, including childen and all levels of ability

adjusts along the entire length of the frame

  • 5 vertical
  • 32 horizontal

padded non-slip surface

Ø 2-1/4" (5.7cm) inc padding

width: 39-1/4" (99.7cm)

Combine the Infinity Footbar ® with the Revo Springbar™ for the most precise system available, or with the more traditional No-Roll Springbar

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