Back Pain – in the UK over 1,000,000 days of lost work in 2016 due to back pain.

Back pain comes in many guises from a mild twinge to chronic debilitating.  In different areas of the back, caused by several different factors.

Most healthcare professionals agree that mobility and posture control and help prevent back pain.  Exercise regimes such as Pilates, Yoga, Franklin Method or Gyrotonics can help in increasing strength, mobility and control of the back, helping to reduce the risk of back pain.  A targeted rehabilitation programme can help back pain sufferers and reduce their dependency on pain relief.

Sissel offer a range of products that can help in mobility, stability and posture.


  • Do not sit for long periods, get up, walk about, stretch whilst standing.
  • When sitting do not slouch or lean forward from the upper back or hunch the shoulders – sit with relaxed shoulders, spine slightly stretched upwards and feet flat on the floor.
  • If working on a PC ensure that the screen and keyboard are central to your body, it might mean the keyboard is “off centre” with the number keys further to the right and the qwerty keys more central.Try moving the mouse to the left of the keyboard, this puts the mouse in a better position in relation to the keyboard.It also means that you will have to use the mouse left handed.This change will help prevent you sitting twisted whilst you use your PC.Having the screen and keyboard at the correct height will also help to prevent a head/upper back forward position.(I’m righthanded but after a while I got used to using the mouse with my left hand, now it’s second nature.)
  • Ensure that you sit with your pelvis higher than your knees, this will automatically put you in a better posture.
  • Use a sitting aid – a wedge to help your posture or a Sitfit for active sitting.
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