ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Chiropractic Table (GEN II)

ErgoStyle™ ES2000 (GEN II) chiropractic table

Standard on ES2000 (GEN II) and ES2000 (GEN II) with Auto-Cocking

  • 230 volt, UK plug
  • height adjustable
    • from 20” to 32”
    • fast (10 seconds)
    • quiet
  • tilting headpiece with width adjustable face pads
  • face cushions with sewn corners
  • table bed fitted with seamless cushions with multi-density foam
  • stationary/fixed chest section
  • stationary/fixed pelvic section
  • paper roll holder and cutter
  • lockable, extending ankle rest
  • single foot control for elevation adjustment
  • expanding covers to protect lift mechanism
  • dual Auto-Cocking foot controller
  • powder coated finish
  • maximum lifting capacity: 181kg (400 lbs)
  • adjustable feet
  • excellent stability
  • dimensions
    • length 167cm (66")
    • width 56cm (22")
    • shipping weight 190Kg
  • black Valencia™ Spradling® vinyl with PermaBLOK3®

Price quoted above is for an ES2000 (GEN II) chiropractic table, with no options fitted.

Please contact Sissel for an accurate quote and delivery date.

Options available - price on application
Code                   Description
- ErgoStyle ES2000 (GEN II) elevating table (230 V)

ES9330 - ErgoStyle ES2000 (GEN II) elevating table (230 V) with Auto-Cocking including thoracic, lumber and pelvic drops 

Headpiece - all fitted with width adjustable face pads
- tilt

ES95002 - tilt, forward drop, toggle drop

ES95003 - tilt, elevation

ES95004 - tilt, elevation, forward drop, toggle drop

ES95010 - tilt, cervical distraction

ES95011 -tilt, forward drop, toggle drop, cervical distraction

ES95012 -tilt, elevation, forward drop, toggle drop, cervical distraction

ES95013 - tilt, elevation, cervical distraction

E4423 - 28° maximum (14° to the right & 14° to the left) lateral flexion

Chest section
- breakaway/elevating with dual side control

Drop options:-
- thoracic (Accelerator II)

ES58354 - lumbar (Accelerator II)

ES58352 - pelvic (Accelerator II)

Pelvic section
- elevating

Elevation Control

95284 - dual foot controller

E2066 - single hand controller

Auto cocking:-
- Tech-Air compressor TA OL32-15 (32l @ 8bar/15l tank) required for single auto cocking table

OL64-24 - Tech-Air compressor TA OL64-24 (64l @ 8bar/24l tank) required for 2 or more auto cocking tables


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Model Number : 4840.00
In stock - Ongoing Replenishment

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