ErgoStyle™ FX Chiropractic Table

ErgoStyle™ FX - Flexion/distraction table.
Counterbalanced flexion addresses the core needs of Chiropractors.  
The ErgoStyle™ FX table is a sophisticated chiropractic table that offers full, ultra smooth counterbalanced flexion at all heights.  It's modular design make it easy to upgrade to suit your skills and clinical needs.

NEW - options cervical distraction head piece and long axis distraction

Standard on FX:-

  • electric elevation
    • from 19” to 32”
    • in 13 seconds
    • single foot control for elevation
  • manual flexion/distraction
    • variable electric spring tension
    • smooth, counterbalanced flexion
    • extension or circumduction at the touch of a finger
    • flexion 15 degrees
    • extension 12 degrees
    • 40 degree total side bend
    • single foot control for tension setting
  • tilting headpiece with width adjustable face pads
  • sewn corners on face pads
  • 23.5” (59 cm) width seamless cushions with multi-density foam
  • stationary/fixed chest section
  • paper roll holder and cutter
  • lockable extending ankle rest with ankle cuffs
  • powder coated finish
  • expanding covers over lifting mechanism
  • lifting capacity: 400lbs/181kg
  • adjustable feet
  • excellent stability

Price quoted above is for the manual FX chiropractic table, with no options fitted.

Please contact Sissel for an accurate quote and delivery date.

Options available. Price on application.

   Code - Description.
ES5821 - FX
ES5823 - FX, 230V, auto cocking with thoracic, lumbar and pelvic drops

ES58475 - tilt, stationary forward drop, width adjustable face pads
ES95003 - tilt, elevation, width adjustable face pads
ES95004 - tilt, elevation, forward drop, toggle drop, width adjustable face pads
ES95011 - tilt, forward drop, toggle drop, cervical distraction, width adjustable face pads
ES95012 - tilt, elevation, forward drop, toggle drop, cervical distraction, width adjustable face pads*

ES58491 - Auto flexion with digital control*
Drop Options:-

ES58353  - Thoracic Accelerator II*
ES58354  - Lumbar Accelerator II*
ES58355 - Pelvic Accelerator II*
Chest Options:-
ES58359 – Breakaway/elevating with single side control
ES58362 - Breakaway/elevating with dual side control*
Long Axis Distraction:-
ES58496 - Manual flextion, 230V
ES59497 - Auto flexion, 230V*
Foot Control Options:-
C4050 - Single auto cocking - standard when auto cocking fitted
C4051 - Dual auto cocking
95283 - Single elevation
95284 - Dual elevation*
C4052 - Single tension
C4053 - Dual tension*
Handle Options:-
ES58429 - T- bar short
ES58430 - T-bar long
Compressor Options:-
OL32-15 - Tech-Air 32l@8bar with15l tank, 230V, required for single FX with auto cocking
OL64-24 - Tech-Air 64l@8bar with 24l tank, 230V, suitable for 2 plus FX with auto cocking

Model Number: 4840.05
Low stock - Ships in 5+ Business Days

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