The Art & Science of Cueing by Eric Franklin

The Art & Science of Cueing - Best cueing practices for successfully teaching Yoga, Pilates and Dance

The book is aimed at movement teachers of all types who wish to improve their teaching skills.  Effective learning is not just about practicing the moves but also recognising how to improve the movement.  Success also depends on how you have taught and how efficiently and functionally you are at practicing these movements.  It is all too easy to perform movements without taking care of your posture, coordination etc.  This where effective cueing comes in.

A Cue is

  • feedback related to the performance of movement
  • a task relevant cognition
  • information about what needs to be corrected
  • information transmitted in a variety of styles aimed at enabling, modifying and improving the performance of movement

In The Art & Science of Cueing, Eric Franklin demonstrates creative cueing techniques that movement, fitness instructors and rehabilitation specialists can use to ensure students train with precise, tension-free movement.

Eric Franklin covers a wide range of teaching topics.  From basic concepts such as understanding the movement modality and assessing the comprehension level of students, to more elaborate techniques such as using anatomical imagery and metaphorical cues.

Vivid cues, both verbal and non-verbal, are explained so that instructors can readily incorporate them and help movement learners develop their talent.

Combined with illustrations and photographs that bring the concepts to life, the book taps into Eric Franklin’s imagination to equip all levels of teachers with the knowledge to inspire lifelong movement proficiency.

Illustrated. Softcover; 68 pages.

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