ErgoStyle™ Elevating HYLO Chiropractic Table

The all new ErgoStyle™ Elevating HYLO table....... will revolutionise the way you work

The ErgoStyle™ Elevating HYLO Table has up to 63° tilting capability, a  “tuck away” foot plate improving access to the end of the table all helping to reduce the stress on you and your patients.

The table is fully modular, allowing for easy upgrades as your practice and techniques grow.  Choose from manual drops, various adjustable headpieces, breakaway chest and many other options to customize your table to your practice needs.

The ErgoStyle™ Elevating HYLO brings you the first modular drop system that allows complete drop upgrades in a matter of minutes.  Want to add drops to your table later?  Move a drop from the lumbar to the thoracic or pelvic section?  No problem.  Accelerator III drops have the lightning fast feel you've come to expect from ErgoStyle™ tables, full cushion drop action means no "dead spots" and the drops can be activated and used even when the section of the table is in breakaway or elevation position.  All of which give you multiple options and flexability of use.

Standard features

  • 230v, UK plug
    • electric elevation
    • 51 cm - 76 cm (20” to 30”)
    • in 10 seconds
    • quiet
  • up to 63° tilting
  • single foot pedal for elevation and tilt 
  • headpiece, positive/negative tilt with width adjustable face pads 
  • 56cm (22”) width seamless cushions with multi-density foam 
  • locking 15cm (6") extending ankle rest
  • paper roll holder and cutter
  • stationary chest section
  • stationary pelvic section 
  • durable powder coat finish 
  • choice of standard colours 
    • black
    • Delft (blue)
    • Port (red)
    • Pearl (light grey)
  • Spradling® Valencia™ fabric with permaBLOCK³®

Price quoted is for an ErgoStyle™ Elevating HYLO without options.


Headpiece - all fitted with width adjustable face pads

Code        Description

ES95001 - positive/negative tilt (±ve)

ES95002 - tilt (±ve), forward drop, toggle drop

ES95003 - tilt (±ve), elevation

ES95004 - tilt (±ve), elevation, forward drop, toggle drop

ES95010 - tilt (±ve), cervical distraction

ES95011 -tilt (±ve), forward drop, toggle drop, cervical distraction

ES95012 -tilt (±ve), elevation, forward drop, toggle drop, cervical distraction

ES95013 - tilt (±ve), elevation, cervical distraction

E4423 - 28° maximum (14° to the right & 14° to the left) lateral flexion

Chest section
- breakaway/elevating with dual side control

Drop options:-
- thoracic (Accelerator III)

ES58354 - lumbar (Accelerator III)

ES58352 - pelvic (Accelerator III)

Pelvic section
- elevating

Elevation Control

95284 - dual foot controller

Please contact Sissel UK on 01422 885458 or email for an accurate quote and availability of the options specific table


Model Number : 4840.02
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