Soft Curve® memory foam pillow by SISSEL®, incl.ivory velour cover

On the Soft Curve® pillow the weight of the head and neck are evenly distributed as the pillow provides a soft but stable base. The special double wave shape and material offers optimal support and guides the cervical spinal column into the correct position. Joints and muscles can relax, blood flow remains unobstructed, regenerating your body. You start the new day revitalised pain-free. The Soft Curve® pillow is moulded in one piece, guaranteeing consistent quality and durability. Unlike other visco elastic pillows Sissel's remains pliable even at low temperatures.

Soft Curve® pillow.... a new quality in sleeping.

  • manufactured from an open-cell, visco elastic foam with high stability
  • perfectly adapts to the body
  • creating a soft but stable shape
  • helps prevents neck tensions, reducing pain
  • outstanding pressure distribution on head and neck
  • suitable to treat
    • tense muscles
    • whiplash trauma
    • cervical scoliosis
  • lightweight
  • complete with high-quality zipped velour pillow case
    • machine washable 40°C
  • pillow core hand-washable
  • size: 48 x 31 x 10cm
  • extra pillow cases available


Order 5 Sissel Soft Curve® Pillows and receive
an extra one FREE - 6 for the price of 5


Model Number : 5133.00
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 Ivory velour cover for Soft Curve® pillow
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Soft Curve® memory foam pillow by SISSEL®, incl.ivory velour cover, 5 and 1 FREE, plus free carriage
Model # : 5133.AA
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