Hot Massage Stones, by SISSEL®

Hot Massage Stones, a way to reduce stress and tension.

  • hot stone massage is based on acupuncture and the use of meridian lines
  • hot stone therapy can help in the treatment of:
    • rheumatic conditions
    • arthritic conditions
    • poor circulation
    • stress
    • muscle tensions
  • made from basalt rock the stones remain hot for long periods

Hot Stone Massage kit:-



  • 5.7 litre, adjustable temperature, heating pot
  • 1 x spoon, for removing hot stones from the heater
  • 64 x natural unpolished basalt rock stones, including 7 x chakra stones

To heat the stones:



  • place the stones in the heater
  • fill the heater with warm water
  • switch the heater on and turn to maximum

The stones will take up to 30 minutes to achieve their optimum temperature, 60 degrees.
Turn the heater temperature control down and the unit will maintain the temperature.
When adding more water or cold stones increase the temperature on the heating pot.



Model Number : 8900.00
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