Stabilizer, pressure biofeedback unit

Stabilizer, biofeedback.....

This is a simple device designed to register pressure changes within an air filled cell.  The unit consists of a combined gauge and inflation bulb connected to a pressure cell.  During exercise any changes to the pressure within the pressure cell are detected and shown as a change in pressure on the guage.  This pressure change indicates a movement in the body.  This feedback is important when carring out exercises that focus on the protection and stabilisation of joints.  Core stability exercises are designed to prevent injury to the lower back by reeducating the core muscles to stabilise and protect the lower back during activity.  By using a Stabilizer to monitor extraneous movements during joint stabilisation exercises better stabilisation results are achieved by promoting effective functional exercise.  The Stabilizer is particularly effective in providing feedback during exercises designed to treat and prevent back and neck pain.

Model Number : 9155.55
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