Sleeping hints & tips

For over 21 years Sissel  has recognised that sleep is an important factor in life.  Poor sleep patterns effect not only the recovery from injury but impinge on one's social and working life.  There are several simple remedies to improve your sleep cycle and produce the relaxed, restful sleep required for a healthy life style.  Sleep is essential for our mental and physical health, during the night the brain processes the day's experiences and the body strengthens the immune system, cell growth is stimulated, tissue regeneration and recovery is enhanced.

Here are a few hints and tips on how to improve your sleep.

  • the sleep environment
    • darkness and silence
      • hide the alarm clock
      • no TV
      • no electronic games
    • maximum temperature 18°C
    • comfortable bedding
      • no fashion items
        • buttons
        • sequins
        • over stuffed pillows
        • rough/hard fabrics
  • preparing for sleep
    • relax by
      • reading
      • massage
      • hot bath
      • relaxing exercises
    • don't
      • play electronic games - adrenaline
      • watch TV - adrenaline
      • drink
        • coffee - caffeine is a stimulant
        • Coke, Pepsi or energy drinks - caffeine
      • exercise - adrenaline
      • eat a "heavy" meal which will remain part digested
    • do eat a snack, all the foods listed below containing tryptophan (amino acid) a precursor of serotonin (hormone) associated with a feeling of well being
      • dates
      • banana
      • warm milk
      • yoghurt
      • hot chocolate
    • alcohol will make you drowsy and feel tired but the sleep associated with alcohol is restless, fitful and often accompanied with snoring all of which prevent the restful sleep you need
    • adopt a regular "going to bed" regime and time, a set time will help the "body clock" regulate the time the body starts to feel sleepy, making it easy to fall a sleep
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