Mobile Radial Pressure Wave therapy by Intelect®

Shockwave or Radial Pressure Wave therapy .......

Shockwave or radial pressure wave (RPW) therapy is best indicated for resilient and chronic pathologies which have not responded to traditional therapy.

This mobile RPW therapy unit offers non invasive shockwave treatment solution for chronic tendonapathies and other soft tissue disorders. Treatments administered to the affected areas stimulate the regeneration process of injured tissues which have sustained long term pathalogical changes.

Physical effects of shockwave or RPW therapy include:

  • pain reduction
  • increased metabolism
    • renewed blood flow
    • cell permeability
  • reduction
    • in adhesions
    • fibrotic tissue
  • increased tissue healing
  • encourages cell regeneration
  • aids muscle tone recovery


  • tendon insertions
  • myofascial trigger points
  • acupuncture shockwave
  • muscle and connective tissue
    • activation
    • tightening

Intelect® Mobile RPW shockwave features

  • single channel output
  • simple, easy to use navigation
  • holders for
    • applicator
    • transmittion gel
  • carry handle
  • universal power supply
  • 3 year warranty on unit
  • 1 year warranty on accessories

Standard Accessories

  • 1 x D-ACTOR® applicator
  • 1 x R15 15mm ESWT transmitter
  • 1 x D20-S D-ACTOR® 20mm transmitter
  • 1 x accessory kit
    • 2 x projectile
    • 1 x sealing set
    • 2 x guide tube
    • 1 x conductor transmittion gel, 250ml
  • user manual CD
  • paper user manual

Optional Accessories

  • carry bag
  • D35 D-ACTOR® 35mm transmitter
  • F15 Focus lens 15mm transmitter
  • D115 Deep inpact® 15mm transmitter
  • C15 CERAma-x® ESWT 15mm transmitter


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Radial Pressure Wave therapy by Intelect®
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