Back Block by SISSEL®

Back Block.....mobilise the lower back

Controlled stretching can help in alleviating non-specific back pain (NBP)
NBP has many causes

  • inactivity - sitting, driving
  • over working - gardening, lifting, DIY
  • poor posture - whilst working, sleeping etc.

position the Back Block

  • under the base of the spine
  • supporting the sacroiliac joints
  • stretch your legs out straight
  • arms down by your sides
  • breathe normally

to stretch

  • raise your arms
  • place flat on the floor either side of the head
  • hold for 20 seconds
  • return arms to the start position
  • relax
  • repeat several times
  • slow controlled arm movements
  • breathe normally

This action helps spinal decompression and removes stresses and strains on the spine.



  • 28 x 14 x 7cm (11" x 6" x 2¾")
  • blue/green
  • NRB foam
  • intructions included




Model Number : 3355.00
In stock - Ships in 1-2 Business Days

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