Compex 3

4 channels and 4 Mi sensors: All you need for top performance!
The easy-to-navigate drop-down menus provide all the benefits of modern electrotherapy. Pictograms representing program families provide easy access to applications or specific indications.
Integrated electrotherapy and proposed treatments combine to produce a range of rehabilitation techniques and stimulation therapy.
With the Compex 3, this combined approach was taken one step further. The docking station serves as a storage receptacle, charging station and with the USB connection to your computer it enables you to:
Plan, organize treatments, archive and compare results

  • create a list of patients on the computer
  • assigning personalized treatments
  • transfer the list of patients to the Compex 3
  • by updating the list at any time
  • manage daily list of patients and treatments
  • access the history of re-education sessions
  • create personalized programs, if required.

 All these features are easily accessible and centralized in the stimulator.
Compex 3 features

  • preset treatment programs:
    • muscular rehabilitation
    • pain relief
    • denervated muscles
    • hyperhidrosis
    • iontophoresis
    • edemas
  • programmable to create and personalize programs specific to patients.
  • Mi-Technology, 4 channels
  • Ti-Tens: determine the sensitivity level before starting a Gate control stimulation type session
  • denervated treatments:
    • determine whether denervation is total or partial
    • partial denervation an automatic ramp search is performed.
  • iontophoresis:
    • one channel
    • automatically calculates the advised electrical density
  • waveforms
    • symmetrical biphasic 100% compensated
    • monophasic
      • continuous
      • cycle timed
      • rectangular pulsed
      • triangular pulsed
    • direct/galvanic current

Standard accessories:

  • carry bag
  • instructions
    • user manual
    • practical guide
    • electrode placement guide
    • CD
  • docking station
    • UK mains lead
    • USB cable
    • protective cover
  • motor point pen
  • ultrasound gel, 250g
  • cables
    • 4 x snap
    • 4 x pin
    • 1 x Mi Sensor
  • electrodes
    • flexible, self adhesive
    • iontophoresis
  • belt clip
  • battery pack – 2.5 hours full recharge
  • 2 year warranty

FREE - Training session arranged for any purchase of a Compex 3

Model Number: 9140.01
In stock - Ships in 1-2 Business Days

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