Contour sitting box

Contour Sitting Box.....Soft shape, modern design

Part of a new product line (based on the original design by Joseph Pilates) developed in collaboration with Rael Isacowitz which is characterized by increased comfort and better functionality. 

Rounded corners for better body adjustment helps to facilitate bowed exercises (Swan) as well as exercises in the supine position (backstroke).  The body is not affected by hard edges leading to more freedom of movement and more fluid movements.

The box:

  • padded
  • covered with artificial leather
  • with storage facility

Suitable for

  • Allegro® Reformer
  • Personal Reformer

Size (W x L x H) - 41 x 74 x 29cm (16" x 29" x 11.5")


Balanced Body®
Model Number: 034261
In stock - Ongoing Replenishment

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