Ladder Barrel

Ladder Barrel.....for core strength and flexibility exercises

A combination of ladder rungs and a barrel surface. 

The barrel connects to the ladder by a sliding base that adjusts to accommodate different torso sizes and leg lengths.

  • 10 preset locations on the sliding base
  • engraved indicators
    • easy to see the setting you have selected
    • precision repeatability
  • up to 25cm (10") of adjustability to accommodate different torso sizes and leg length.
  • easy-grip handles on the barrel
  • grab bar beneath the barrel for enhancing flexibility
  • "Comfort zone" padding offers stability and support
  • secure fitting provided by bottom foot brace.
  • durable reinforced Rock Maple frame
  • stock product in black upholstery


  • height
    • ladder 97cm (38")
    • barrel 90cm (35.5")
  • length 120cm (47.25")
  • width 62cm (24.5")
  • weight 36kg (79 lbs)

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Balanced Body®
Model Number: 034011
In stock - Ongoing Replenishment
Not Available For Purchase

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