Pilates Roller Soft by SISSEL®
Absorb Pure+
Absorb Ultra+
Accessories for exercise balls by SISSEL®
Activator - Chiropractic Adjusting Instruments
Active-K by Chattanooga, CPM device
Acupressur Mat by SISSEL®
Acupressur Mat by SISSEL®
Back by SISSEL®
Balancefit by SISSEL®
Balancefit Pad by SISSEL®
Ball & Imagery exercises for relaxed & flexable shoulders, neck & thorax - Franklin Method
Balu (cherry stone hot pad) by SISSEL®
Bellabambi® Silicone Suction Cup
Buchi®, neck support by SISSEL®
Chairs, Arcs & Barrels
Chattanooga® Rehab
Cherry (hot pad) by SISSEL®
Cherry Heat Belt by SISSEL®
Cold Compression Therapy by SISSEL®
Cold Compression Therapy by SISSEL®
Cold Compression Therapy by SISSEL®
Comfort, support cushion by SISSEL®
Complete+ Cream
Compression Therapy Press 4
CROSSTAPE®, pain relief patches
Desktop Mobil by SISSEL®
Door Anchor by SISSEL®
Door Anchor by SISSEL®
DorsaBack by SISSEL®
DorsaBack Car by SISSEL®
DorsaBack Pad by SISSEL®
Electrodes, self-adhesive, Dura-Stick®
Electrodes, self-adhesive, Dura-Stick® Plus
Electrodes, self-adhesive, Dura-Stick® Premium
Elevating ErgoBasic Chiropractic Banch
Empi Direct TENS™ (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
Epidural Positioning Device - EPD
Ergo-Ball by SISSEL®
ErgoStyle FX Chiropractic table
ErgoStyle™ Elevating HYLO Chiropractic Table
ErgoStyle™ ES2000
ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Chiropractic Table (GEN II)
ErgoStyle™ FX Flexion/Distraction Chiropractic Table
ErgoStyle™ HYLO Chiropractic Table
Exercise Ball by SISSEL®
Exercise Bands and Tubes by SISSEL®
Exercise Loop, resistance band by SISSEL®
Face Pad by SISSEL®
Fascia Release and Balance by Eric Franklin
Finger Exerciser by SISSEL®
Fit Band, 25m by SISSEL®
Fit Band, 2m x 7.5cm by SISSEL®
Fit Band, 46m by SISSEL®
Fit Band, 5m by SISSEL®
Fit Dome Pro by SISSEL®
Fit Tubes by SISSEL®
Fit-Roller by SISSEL®
Fitband Essential by SISSEL®
Franklin Ball, green, 10cm, pair
Franklin Ball, soft, orange, 10cm, pair
Franklin Fascia Roll, purple
Franklin Fascia Toner, orange
Franklin Reflex Ball, red, pair
Franklin Roller, blue
Franklin Universal Mini Ball, red, 8cm, pair
Fun & Active Band by SISSEL®
Fun Massager by SISSEL®
Gym Mats by SISSEL®
Hand Grip by SISSEL ®
Happy Feet: dynamic base, effortless posture
Headrest Paper
Hot-Cold-Soft-Pack (hot/cold pad) by SISSEL®
IceMan® by Donjoy®
Intelect® VET
Inversion Table by SISSEL®
IT Band Roller by Physio Needs
K-Tape for me
K-Tape for me
K-Tape for me
K-Tape® For Me, pre cut kinesiology tape
K-Tape® My Skin, kinesiology tape
K-Tape® Original, kinesiology tape
K-Tape® PRE K Gel
Kinesiology Tape by SISSEL®
Life Edition, CBD Oil
Linum (hot pad) by SISSEL®
Mambo Fit Stretch
Massage chair by SISSEL®
Massage Roller by SISSEL®
Massage Table Cover, cotton, by SISSEL®
Massager, Intensive by SISSEL®
Medi Support by SISSEL®
Medicine Ball by SISSEL®
Memory foam, Orthopaedic pillow, Bambini by SISSEL®
Memory foam, Orthopaedic pillow, Deluxe by SISSEL®
Memory foam, Orthopaedic Pillow, Soft by SISSEL®
Memory foam, Orthopaedic pillow, Soft PLUS by SISSEL®
Memory Foam, Temp Control® Mattress Overlay
Myofascia Ball by SISSEL®
Myofascia Double Ball by SISSEL®
Myofascia Mini Roller by SISSEL®
Myofascia Roller by SISSEL®
Naggura Treatment Tables, N'GO range
Naggura Treatment Tables, N'RUN range
Options, Upgrades & Spares
Orthopaedic Pillow, Classic by SISSEL®
Orthopaedic Pillow, PLUS by SISSEL®
Pack (hot/cold) by SISSEL®
Paper Couch Rolls, 2 ply, white, 40gms
Pearl Hot/Cold Relief Pack by SISSEL®
Pedal Exercisers
Pilates & Yoga Mat by SISSEL®
Pilates Ball by SISSEL®
Pilates Band by SISSEL®
Pilates Circle by SISSEL®
Pilates Core Trainer by SISSEL®
Pilates Roller & Circle workout video by SISSEL®
Pilates Roller by SISSEL®
Pilates Roller Head Align Dynamic by SISSEL®
Pilates Roller Pro by SISSEL®
Pilates Socks by SISSEL®
Pilates Sports Towel by SISSEL®
Pilates Toning Ball, pair by SISSEL®
Pilates Workout Gloves by SISSEL®
Portable Massage Table by SISSEL®
Portal Pro by Oakworks for SISSEL®
Press-Ball by SISSEL®
Press-Egg by SISSEL®
Radial Pressure Wave therapy by Intelect®
Reformers by Balanced Body®
Reha Pro by SISSEL ®
Saddle Stool by SISSEL®
Saunders® Home Traction
Scissors, for easy cutting of K-Tape®
Securemax Exercise Balls by SISSEL®
Serola Sacroiliac Belt
Serola Sacroiliac Belt
Shoulder Roller
Signature Blend, CBD Oil
SISSEL® Comfort
SISSEL® Heat Wave
SISSEL® Medi Support
SISSEL® Orthopaedic Pillow travel cover
SISSEL® SpineFit
SISSEL® SpineFit
Sit Air by SISSEL®
Sit Ring by SISSEL®
Sit Special 2 in 1, coccyx sitting wedge by SISSEL®
Sit Standard, sitting wedge by SISSEL®
Soft Curve®, memory foam pillow by SISSEL®
Soft Touch (hot/cold pad) by SISSEL®
Sonic Wave Treatment by Novafon®
Spelt filled pillow, Palea by SISSEL®
Spiky Body Roll by SISSEL®
Spiky Dome by SISSEL®
Spiky Twin Roller by SISSEL®, massager
Spiky-Ball by SISSEL®
Sports Swing by SISSEL®
Sports Swing by SISSEL®
Sports Swing by SISSEL®
Stability, Sport and Performance Movement, 2nd Edition
Stabilizer, pressure biofeedback unit
Studio Equipment
The Art & Science of Cueing by Eric Franklin
The Core Workout
the PSOAS, integrating your inner core using the Franklin Method
Theraputty by SISSEL®
Therm (self heating hot pad) by SISSEL®
Thumper® Massager, Mini Pro, Sport & Verve
Treatment, massage table, polycotton covers
VertiBaX - Joint Healthcare Supports
Vibrosphere™, vibration plate
Vinotherm (hot pad) by SISSEL®
Wobble boards by SISSEL®
Yoga Block & Belt/Band by SISSEL®
Yoga Mat by SISSEL®
Yoga Relax by SISSEL®
Yoga Socks by SISSEL®
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