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SISSEL® Philosophy

SISSEL® worldwide - the story so far
Back in 1986 Swedish entrepreneur Carl-Emil Christensen and his wife Sidsel started to resolve the problem of Sidsel’s neck pains. They thought that correct support given to her neck as she slept would help. The search for a suitable pillow began but it was fruitless. Turning to Sidsel's knowledge as a therapist, they developed an effective neck support pillow – the SISSEL® pillow was born.

The Original Swedish Orthopaedic Pillow
Many experts in the field of therapy and rehabilitation have used the pillow and the success of its function is reflected in many current clinical studies.

Initially the product was only sold in Sweden. Interest in the pillow and its benefits grew from other countries and in 1990 the RUHEWOHL/SISSEL® neck pillow (as it was called in German-speaking countries) was launched and sold in Central Europe.

SISSEL® pillows and SISSEL® products became available throughout Europe. 1991 in France, 1992 the UK and Ireland, the Netherlands and the rest of Europe soon followed. In the United States and Canada partnerships developed.

In 2001 a re-organization of the Sissel Partnerships gave additional growth. Since then SISSEL® products have become available in Russia, Saudi Arabia and over 25 countries worldwide. To date over 500,000 medical and fitness professionals recommend SISSEL® products worldwide, contributing to successful therapy, prevention and rehabilitation.

It has always been our goal to maintain excellent relations with therapists, health product specialists and consumers. With their help and constructive input we have established a comprehensive range of superior health care, fitness and wellness products.

SISSEL® – Healthy sitting, sleeping, moving.

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