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Spinefitter FAQ

Can everyone use the SPINERFITTER?

In general, the SPINEFITTER can be used regardless of physical condition or physical fitness.

 Always pay attention to the information in the SPINEFITTER instructions for use or consult a doctor before training.

Can the SPINEFITTER be disinfected?

Yes, We recommend cleaning the SPINEFITTER with a soft cloth and a mild soap & water solution.

The SPINEFITTER surfaces can be disinfected with an alcohol based wipe.

However, do not use any caustic substances (Acids, Alkalis) as these could damage the Spinefitter.

Whats in the box?

Each SPINEFITTER is delivered in a box which contains 1 x SPINEFITTER, 1 x Instruction manual and 1 x carrying strap.

What are the Dimensions of the SPINEFITTER?

The SPINEFITTER is 84cm x 12cm x 6cm (L x W x H).

Is there a maximum user weight?

The SPINEFITTER has a maximum recommended user weight limit of 150kg.

What material is the SPINEFITTER?

The Training device is made from a high quality polyurethane foam.


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